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Past president

The council is administered by an executive committee of President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and up to six other members. 

Chairman - Mitch Johnson
H. M. Revenue & Customs. Midlands region.
Boat, shore and coarse angler. Has also been known to to cast the odd fly or two.

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Treasurer & Vice-Chairman - Tony Cliff
H. M. Revenue & Customs - retired.  Welsh region.
Sea boat angler.

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Secretary - Jim North
H. M. Revenue & Customs - retired. Eastern region.
Game, sea boat and shore angler.

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Alan O'Neill - sea shore rep
H. M. Revenue & Customs - retired. Northern region.
Sea shore angler.


Dave Lowe - Coarse rep

                        Bob Poole - Sea Boat rep
                        Retired Border Force. Midlands region.
                        Coarse and sea boat angler 

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Fraser McConnell - Game rep
H. M. Revenue & Customs. Scotland region.
Game angler

Neil Robinson - Coarse rep
H. M. Revenue & Customs - retired. Yorkshire region.
Coarse angler.

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Dave Gardner - Pike rep
H. M. Revenue & Customs - retired. Northern region.
Pike, coarse and game angler.