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  24.07.22  Results of the South East region coarse qualifier plus a report from the Southern coarse qualifier.

23.07.22  Results of the Northern region coarse qualifier added.

17.07.22  Coarse final documentation added to "Documents" web page. I am currently working on adding all missing photos of this year and 2021 but
                the software packages I am using are new to me to please bear with me.

15.07.22  Boat final team results amended.

12.07.22  Results of the London region coarse and Northern region shore qualifiers.

03.03.22  Boat final resiluts and report published, photos to follow.

24.06.22  Boat draw and score sheets published on the documents page. Report of the game final added.

19.06.22  Results of the game final.

06.06.22  Results of the first South West boat qualifier and the first North West shore qualifier.

31.05.22  Report and results of the London and Eastern boat qualifiers.

20.05.22  Boat final paperwork added to documnets webpage.

30.04.22  Results of the Eastern London and Midlands game qualifiers plus more dates for your diaries.

27.04.22  Game angling final paperwork added to documents page.

16.04.22  2023 boat final will now be held at Poole.

02.04.22  More dates for your diaries and fishing reports.

19.03.22  Report of the first South West shore qualifiers.

17.03.22  A lot more dates for you.

09.03.22  More dates for your diaries added.

23.02.22 Dates for the NOSAC and Northern region boat qualifier added.

02.02.22 Dates for the Eastern, Midlands and London game qualifiers added.

08.01.22 Welcome to the new year.