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Services Fly Fishing Championship

Graham Water 5th June 2018 

This year's event thankfully did take place. The two CSSC teams practised hard on the two preceding days and had a strategy worked out for the big day even though all three days were different weather wise. Most boats fished the north shore with floating or midge tip lines using fabs, boobies and buzzers. Some people even caught using dry flies.

Fourteen teams entered and the RAF took first and second places with the Army A team in third our our A team a close fourth.

1 RAF Fish Hawks A 110lbs 8ozs

2 RAF Fish Hawks B 103lbs 14ozs

3 Soldier Palmers A 95lbs 6ozs  

4 CSSC A 90lbs 12ozs 

5 Police White 81lbs 15ozs

6 Police Red 80lbs 2ozs

7 RAF Fish Hawks D 73lbs 13ozs

8 Soldier Palmers C 62lbs 7ozs

9 Soldier Palmers D 56lbs 13ozs

10 RAF Fish Hawks C 56lbs 3ozs

11 Police Blue 56lbs 1oz

12 Soldier Palmers B 49lbs 6ozs

13 Royal Navy 35lbs 9ozs

14 CSSC B 30lbs 3ozs

Next year's event will be at Grafham Water on Tuesday 4th June 2019.

Should you wish to be considered for a place in this team then send your angling CV to Fraser McConnell. Past experience at national or international level is considered almost a prerequisite and please bear in mind that you would be committing yourself to four days fishing, three practise days plus the actual competition. Also this would be at your own expense with very minimal funding from CSSC.