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Boat Angling Regional reports

EASTERN - Wallasea 23rd June 2023

It was one of those near perfect days that you dream of to go fishing, apart from the early start! We met up in the car park at Wallasea marina at 06:30, did a boat draw and then had to trudge the full length of the pontoons to get to the boats. It was mainly sunny all day with a slight breeze. From first drop down we were
catching Smoothounds and dogfish, a move into shallower water for bass still only produced hounds for Predator but Hard Labour fishing right behind was taking only bass. With another move back into the river Crouch entrance we had a few small fish and soon it was time to head back to the marina and another long walk down the pontoons to a well earned dinner at the Essex Marina bar.

  Name Points Fish
1 N. Ling 107 7 Bass and 3 Smoothounds
2 J. North 71 9 Smoothounds, 1 Bass and 1 Lesser Spotted Dogfish
3 D. Holmes 65 5 Smoothonds and 1 Bass
4 R. Martin 56 11 Smoothounds
5 G. McCain 55 4 Smoothounds and 1 Tope
6 D. Williams 52 2 Smoothounds, 2 Bass and 1 Lesser Spotted Dogfish
7 R. Sandford 50 4 Smoothounds and 1 Tope
8 K. Mower 42 4 Smoothounds and 1 Lesser Spotted Dogfish

Ray Martin with the biggest Smoothound of 16lbs+        Neon Ling with his Eastern region winner trophy      R. Martin & D. Holmes with view of the marina

2023 Qualifiers -  N. Ling, D. Holmes & R. Martin


LONDON - Wallasea 23rd June 2023

Report as above.

1  Brian de Souza         55            - 4 Smoothound and 1 Bass
2  Steve Doherty         52            - 5 Smoothounds and 1 Dogfish
3  Graham Berry           22            - 2 Smoothounds and 1 Dogfish

Qualifiers 2023 - B. de Souza, S. Doherty and G. Berry


2023 Qualifiers - M. JOhnson, B. Poole and Chris Pattinson


2023 Qualifiers -  Ian McLean, Mike Patten and Les Bradbeer


No qualifier currently being run. If you are a CSSC member in this region would you consider running an event? 


2023 Qualifiers -
M. Chapman, G. Johnson and J. Windebank

2023 Qualifiers - J. Coleman, T. Pay and J. Addicot


2023 Qualifiers -
P. Foot, R. Mitchell and I. Harper


Well, this years CSSC Northwest Region Sea boat comp took three dates to take place as we had two blow offs. But on the 10th August we did get the boats out. Due to cancelations and dropoutís due to planned commitments we ended up with only 10 competitors from a starting point of 16 but all were keen to qualify for the nationals. Good sailing time and all keen to get on with the day we used the usual two boats Jensen and Suveran. Due to number space was well allocated with 4 on Jensen the smaller boat and 6 on Suveran. All competitors due their peg / boat and made there way on board. Boats sailed prompt at 8. Well throughout the day boats stayed close to each other with friendly competition between Simon and Tony (skippers) to which boat was getting the better species. We fished a wreck, rough ground, the wind turbines and then a few drifts over mixed ground. Both boats looking for the species. Well the results speak for themselves. Most people picking up 10+ recordable species and a good number of fish. After a long day the boats finished and headed back to add up the results. Both boats fished well and this was bourn out buy the top three. Winning this year was Nigel Conlen wit 13 species and total of 216 points on Jensen, in 2nd with only 1 point separating him from 3rd was Malcolm Duff with 12 Species but 202 Points, and 3rd was Keith Lees with 13 Species and 201 Points. Well done to these three very close results. They will represent the northwest next year at Milford Haven 05.07.24. Good luck gents.


Nigel Conlon 216 13 1st

Malcolm Duff 202 12 2nd

Keith Lees 201 13 3rd

Chris Neden 179 11 4th

Ashley Robertson 162 10 5th

Paul Whiteley 157 10 6th

Alan Turner 141 9 7th

Andrew Gunn 140 10 8th

Derek Smalley 137 7 9th

Ian Brown 126 8 10th

2024 Qualifiers - Nigel Conlon, Malcolm Duff & Keith Lees.


No qualifier currently being organised. If you are a CSSC member in this region would you consider running an event? 

2023 Qualifiers - G. Lund, J. Wright and I. Colquhoun

2023 Qualifiers - A. Daniels, S. Horle and A. Heatley