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Coarse Angling Regional reports

SOUTHERN -  05.07.19 Pondwood Farm Fishery

The qualifier was held on Snake lake, with twenty-four anglers booked in and forty pegs available in the booked sections. Each angler did have a blank peg to their side hopefully to give everyone an equal chance. The day was hot and sunny, and it seems carp were hard to come by for many. There were tales of woe with many fish being lost. Top weight on the day was Andy Palmer on peg 17 with 38lbs 6ozs, second was Dave Butler on Peg 24 with 35lbs 12ozs and Third was Richard Bedford from peg 30 with 34lbs 4ozs. Qualifiers from A section were Ian Turner from peg 3 with 32lbs 6ozs and Gordon McGee from peg 13 with 25lbs 2ozs. Qualifiers from B section were Andy Palmer and Dave Butler. Qualifiers from C section were Richard Bedford and second in section was Mick Fordham from peg 36 with 28lbs 4ozs. First reserve for the final is Barry Davies who weighed in 25lbs 13ozs from peg 34. 

Thanks to the fishery and competitors for assisting in running the competition.

2019 Qualifiers -  Andy Palmer, David Butler, Richard Bedford, Gordon McGee, Ian Turner, Mick Fordham, Reserve Barry Davies  


2019 Qualifiers - Kevin Bradshaw, Brian Hill, Nathan Lumb, Dave Lowe, Robert Crompton & Alan Pendlebury

2019 Qualifiers - Malcolm Pay, Stuart Cottingham, Andy Comben, Bill Mitchell, Dave Phillips & Bob Mitchell

2019 Qualifiers - Alan Weare, Neil Robinson , Tony Hotchkin, James Burrell, Chris Kithcin & John Bilsland

2019 Qualifiers - Derek Goode, Richard Hagg, Jim Palmer, Andy Duckers, Andrew Botterill & Nigel Champ.

2019 Qualifiers - Michael Neary, Brian Lynn, Phil Baird, Michael Slater, George Bell & John Slockettt 
MIDLANDS -                              

2019 Qualifiers - Mark McGinley, John Hudson, Chris Newbrook, Carl Stringer, Phil Mason & Pam Mason 

2019 Qualifiers - Martin Read, Gary Boast, Ian Halliwell, Steve Bettis, Jim Dawe & Jon Bowland 


2019 Qualifiers - Michael Elsom, Rebecca Oakley, Roger Lampkin, Mark Wells, David Northam & Robin Driscoll
Unable to get funding to compete this year.

2019 Qualifiers - Steve Guy, Martin Rowell, Nigel Ripley, Tony Watson, Andy Sinclair & Ken Newton 

South West - 

2019 Qualifiers - P. Watkins, P. Pollard, G. Mathews, D. Docherty, R. Stanley & G. Webber