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Game Angling Regional reports

Eastern, London & Midlands - 29.03.23 Draycote Water

Report by Lee Patten -
Weather forecast for the day had been mixed but fortunately started with light southerly’s and a fine day. Contestants were fishing to a four fish kill and release twelve, fishing 09:00-17:00.

After a briefing in the boats to all contestants fishing started at nine-ish and most of fleet of nine boats headed to the north shore from Biggin Bay to the bottom of Toft. Some were on floaters and buzzers to di7 and lures, so a big mix of methods with some drifting and others anchored. Early pace was set by Peter Elliott who had three fish pulling with a black and green snake on a di5 sweep line and assisted by the chairman Mitch Johnson. Most others were finding the fish difficult to get to the boat with most contestants saying they were having pulls but not locking up on fish.

With the wind increasing people started moving around to try and find taking fish and Peter continued to catch off the Croft shoal and was on seven by mid morning with the rest still finding fish hard to come to boat. I moved to Cornfield, setting up a drift 150m off the bank and drifting in, having changed my line to adi5 sweep and single snake I started to catch steadily over the next hour to get to twelve fish, however my boat partner Willy Warren (89 years young) had not had a pull yet so I said we would move and anchor up to give him a better chance of catching.

Other reports were mixed from boats I came across with Dave Franklin on ten by midday in Toft drifting with midge tip and washing line. Further into Toft Bart Farmer was expertly guiding his boat partner Steve Cash who was on six to Bart’s one. Other boats were still moving about but most had moved into Toft by 12:30 to seek a bit of shelter from wind and rain, which had increased but was well fishable and I felt that the increasing of the wind helped bring fish on more.

As I anchored with Willy I noticed Peter and Mitch had done the same near us at Linn Croft about 80m out from bank, and Peter took two quick fish to finish by 14:45 with his sixteenth fish, excellent angling. I set Willy up with a floating line and single weighted damsel on a fifteen foot leader and within ten mins he had hooked and landed his first fish of the day. Behind us Mitch Johnson had also caught a fish, I finished my bag by 15:00 and set about encouraging Willy in catching a couple more which he did very well by landing four fish over the next hour.

Dave Franklin was on fouteen still drifting in Toft shallows and Steve Cash still catching as well, other reports were still mixed but reports of people on six plus by mid afternoon was encouraging. Willy was getting cold so we packed up at 1600 to get back and sort out ourselves and ready for weigh-in. The disabled boat Willy and I used was excellent for him and really enhanced his days fishing being comfortable and roomy for him. At the weigh in three people had had their limit of sixteen fish, two from the Midlands and one from the Eastern region, and top rod on the day was Peter Elliott followed by Lee Patten, and Dave Franklin I would like to thank all contestants for attending, there were no blanks and on a tricky day all anglers did very well and hopefully had a challenging and pleasant day's angling. My  thanks to Draycote water staff for their help and assistance in providing excellent fish and boats for our day afloat and the boat voucher for the winner. Good luck to all the finalists for each district on the 16th June

Chris Heyburn (E) must have mistaken this for a pike competition qualifier. :-)


Peter Elliott               16 fiish - 36lbs 14ozs
Lee Patten                16 fish -  35lbs  8ozs
Steve Cash               10 fish -  17lbs 14ozs
Willie Warren             4 fish -   7lbs  0ozs
Mitch Johnson            2 fish -    4lbs 0ozs
Mitch Harman            2 fish -    3lbs  8ozs
John Harman              1 fish -    2lbs 0ozs


David Franklin         16 fish -  31lbs  8ozs
Keith Mower             8 fish -  15lbs 3ozs
Bob Sandford           6 fish - 10lbs 14ozs
Bart Farmer               4 fish -    8lbs  5ozs
Chris Heyburn            3 fish -    5lbs 4ozs
Jim North                   1 fish -    2lbs 8ozs
Ian Powling                1 fish -    1lbs 2ozs 

Chris Reeves             6 fish - 11lbs 0ozs
Steve Doherty           2 fish - 3lbs 8ozs
Brian de Souza          1 fish - 2lbs 2ozs
2023 Qualifiers - Eastern - David Franklin & Keith Mower
                             Midlands -
Peter Elliott & Lee Patten 
                             London - Chris Reeves & Steve Doherty
South West

2023 Qualifiers - 

Scotland - 05.05.23 Lake of Menteith

2023 Qualifiers - 

2023 Qualifiers -
NORTHERN - 12.05.23 Sharpely Springs Fishery

2023 Qualifiers - 
NORTHERN IRELAND - 21.04.23 Eskragh Lough

2023 Qualifiers -  P. Spence & M. Linton
SOUTHERN - 26.04.19 Dever Springs

2019 Qualifiers - P. Davies & B. Davies
NORTH WEST - 14.04.23 Lyn Brenig

Well the fishing competition was held this year at Lyn Brenig reservoir located on Denbigh Moors in North Wales. We have moved here as this is now the nearest water with facilities to fish from boats. The day was what could be called WET but the fish were there in numbers with a few good fish taken during the day. we fished from 8:30 – 4 and all competitors caught. Some more than others. Above is the score sheet and the two Northwest competitors who will be representing us will be Alan Turner and Chris Skerratt. They will be going down to Draycott on the 15th June to fish the final on the 16th June. Good luck to them I hope they have a good drew and a successful day. Thanks must go to the staff at Lyn Brenig for there help and support with this competition.

2023 Qualifiers - Alan Turner and Chris Skerratt


2023 Qualifiers -