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Services Fly Fishing Championship
Graham Water 1st June 2010 


Fifty-six anglers 195 fish dispatched with 262 fish returned. 

Best Rainbow 4lbs 12ozs Dave Hickman (Prison Service)

Best Brown 4lbs 8ozs John Shelidan (Prison Service)

Winning Team CSSC                                  "         32 fish for 58lbs  6ozs   69 fish returned bonus 196lbs 6ozs

Runners Up     RAF (Fish Hawks)                 "         27 fish for 54lbs 9ozs    60 fish returned bonus 174lbs  9ozs

Third               Police                                  "         30 fish for 75lbs 10ozs  46 fish returned bonus 167lbs 10ozs

Fourth             Army (Soldier palmers)         "         32 fish for 62lbs  3oz s  51 fish returned bonus 164lbs  3ozs

Fifth                Prison Service                     "         29 fish for 70lbs  2ozs     7 fish returned bonus 84lbs  2ozs

Sixth               Royal Navy & Marines           "         25 fish for 45lbs  8ozs   17 fish returned bonus 79lbs  8ozs

Seventh           Fire & Rescue                      "         20 fish for 36lbs  4ozs   12 fish returned bones 60lbs 4ozs      

 Top Rod      Mick Angel (Army)  - 4 fish for 9lbs 1oz, 27 fish returned bonus 63lbs 1oz

Runner up    Lee Patten (CSSC) - 4 fish for 6lbs 13ozs, 22 fish returned bonus 50lbs 13ozs

A virtual flat calm for the match day followed several very windy practise days but light rain throughout the day kept the fish active. Once again Grafham was in fine form for the match and the CSSC team managed to catch a massive 101 fish. That's a rod average of 12.625! All the team managed to put something on the scales and apart from the Army were the only team to all catch their limit of four fish, it was an outstanding team performance.  

The practice days produced lots of valuable information regarding successful fly patterns and locations on the water that held substantial quantities of fish. On the day, the team communicated well on the water and a good team spirit was created in a very short time. 

Our team's catch was -

Lee Patten             4 fish for    6lbs 13ozs  plus  22 bonus fish  50lbs 13ozs
Matt Walker           4 fish for   7lbs 12ozs plus 12 bonus fish 31lbs 12ozs
Tony Packer          4 fish for   6lbs   4ozs plus 12 bonus fish 30lbs   4ozs
Kieron Thomas       4 fish for   9lbs   1oz  plus   8 bonus fish 25lbs   1oz
Nigel Evans            4 fish for 11lbs 12ozs plus   5 bonus fish 21lbs 12ozs
Fraser McConnell   4 fish for   5lbs   9ozs plus   6 bonus fish 17lbs   9ozs
John Fell                4 fish for   8lbs   5ozs plus   3 bonus fish 14lbs   5ozs
Bob Jones              4 fish for   7lbs   5ozs plus  1 bonus fish   9lbs   5ozs    

Next year's event will be at Grafham Water on Tuesday 7th June 2011.

Should you wish to be considered for a place in this team then send your angling CV to Fraser McConnell. Past experience at national or international level is considered almost a prerequisite and please bear in mind that you would be committing yourself to four days fishing, three practise days plus the actual competition. Also this would be at your own expense with very minimal funding from CSSC.