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Shore Angling Regional reports


1st leg 20.11.19 Deal

Six people competed and conditions were very good. 86 Whiting, 7 Rockling, 5 Dogfish, 3 Pouting, 1 Plaice and 1 Codling were caught.

1   Paul Foot           1052 cms  39 fish
2   Simon North        867 cms  33 fish
3   Robert Mitchell  754 cms  30 fish

2nd leg 25.03.22 Deal

Started at 14:00 finished at 19:00, No fish until 18:20.
1st Simon North  3 fish
2nd Robert Mitchell  2 fish3rd Simon Constable 1fish
4th Paul Foot 1fish.

2022 Qualifiers - Simon Constable, Simon North & Robert Mitchell

EASTERN - 1st leg 25.10.18 Orford Island

Nine anglers from the Eastern Region fished the event and met on Orford Quay at about 07.00am. Weather conditions were favourable with 
a slightly overcast day and light North Westerly winds. Following a quick chat and issue of match cards all the anglers boarded the boat for
the short river crossing to the island and after a short walk across the beach all anglers set up and began fishing.

Fishing started as soon as anglers had set up and initial local reports of lots Whiting being caught soon proved to be correct.
Most anglers 
were soon catching fish which included many sizeable. The match rules meant that all fish over 18cms were sizeable except for Whiting, 
Cod and Bass which were SAMF size limits. Fish showed all the way through the match with most anglers catching lots of sizeable and 
undersize fish. Many anglers were regularly catching double and treble shots of fish. The match finished at about 15:15 and the anglers 
packed up and returned to the ferry point for the short boat trip back to the Quay to hand in their match cards.

A total of 264 sizeable fish were caught consisting of 234 Whiting, 27 Dogfish, 1 Dab and 2 Pouting with many more undersize fish returned. 
Winning angler on the day was Kevin Eley with 53 fish for 1075 fish points, second place was Dave Holmes with 36 fish for 733 fish points 
and third place was Bill Mitcham with 26 fish for 673 fish points. Biggest round fish was a 60cm Dogfish caught by Keith Bleach and 
biggest flatfish was a 22cm Dab again caught by Keith Bleach.

A big thank you goes out to all the competitors who attended this event and followed the measure and release rules, including the use of 
buckets of sea water for transporting fish between anglers, which meant the safe return of fish with very few fatalities.

2019 Qualifiers - Bill Mitcham, Kev Eley & Neon Ling

LONDON - 25.10.18 Orford Island, Suffolk

1st leg results were:-

2nd leg results

2019 Qualifiers - Brian de Souza, Steve Doherty & Graham Berry

2019 Qualifiers - not competing this year
                  CSSC   N/W  2021  Qualifier  24/09/2021      Adventure Park    Otterspool Prom.
Peg No. Angler No. Fish  Total Bag Length sizeable ( 18cm) Under-size for placings Position
Peg 4 Andrew Gunn 0 DNC 7th
Peg 5 Alan Turner 1 20 cm 3rd
Peg 7 Chris Neden 2 0 cm 27cm / 2 fish 6th
Peg 9 Dave Crompton 0 0 cm 7th
Peg 2 Dave Fung 2 0 cm 31cm / 2 fish 5th
Peg 8 Paul Whiteley 0 0 cm 7th
Peg 6 Derek Smalley 3 0 cm 39cm / 3 fish 4th
Peg 10 Nigel Conlon 5 120 cm 28cm / 2 fish 1st
Peg 1 Terry Farrington 1 40 cm 2nd
Peg 3 Eric Robinson 0 DNF
Qualifiers Nigel Conlon Qualified to fish 2021 CSSC National Finals
Qualifiers Terry Farrington Catches -Eels, Whiting, Codling, Rockling
Qualifiers Alan Turner 10 Anglers fished
Reserve Derek Smalley

2021 Qualifiers - Nigel Conlon, Terry Farrington & Alan Turner

1st leg - Slapton Sands 18.03.22
Twelve anglers fished the first heat of our Regional Shore Angling competition yesterday at Slapton Sands Beach in South Devon. This was the site of Operation Tiger, the ill fated practice
 for the D Day invasion, which resulted in the deaths of around 1500 American servicemen. A memorial to those lost is a recovered Sherman tank displayed in the car park.
The weather was bright and sunny with a biting easterly, onshore, wind. Fish were notable by their absence - even the local seal appeared and moved on!
The fish that were caught put in an appearance late on in the day.
The Winner was Andy Daniels who snuck out five small whiting for 111 cm. Alan Wood and Graham Morrison each had a mackerel at 35cm and 25cm respectively giving them second and third places.
The rest of us had to contend with a lovely full moon rise from the East.


Tony Hiscock, SW Region Sea Angling Organiser

2023 Qualifiers - Andy Daniels


1st leg - Bridlington North beach 09.10.21
2nd leg - Bridlington North beach 06.11.21
3rd leg - Hornsea 18.12.21

Four anglers turned up to fish the 1st of the Yorkshire Region Qualifiers at Bridlington North Beach. 
On arrival at the venue they were met with blue skies and sunshine with a flat calm sea, with the tide being 6.1m hopes were high for plenty of fish showing. 
Unfortunately that wasn't the case, with the match being fished 1630 until 2130. It was slow going up to high tide, with everyone having had at least 1 fish.
1st Martin Bradshaw   512 cms
2nd Tony brown.          204 cms
3rd. Paul Whiteley.       202 cms
4th Alan Walsh.              44 cms.
Best fish was a 78cm Smoothhound, a total of 3 Smoothhound 63 and 59 cms being caught with Whiting, Pollack, and the usual Flatties.
Thanks to all who fished and hopefully I will see you all on the 6th November at Bridlington for the second match. 

Five hardy souls turned out to fish the 2nd Yorkshire region beach match at Bridlington North beach on the 6th November, fishing 1500--2000.
The weather was as forecast just as we started to set up it started to rain and a blustery wind, which continued for most of the match.
1st.  Martin Bradshaw    615 cms
2nd  Alan Walsh            362 cms
3rd   iain Colquhoun       332 cms
4th   Tony  Brown          109 cms
Paul whiteley fishing as a guest and practising for the upcoming nosac match had
778 cms.
A total of 80 fish were caught, whiting, flatties, baits used lug,Mackie,rag,squid, and black lug.
Overall standings for the Yorkshire anglers after 2 matches are -
1st.    Martin Bradshaw     2 points
2nd.   Alan Walsh             5 points
3rd.    Tony Brown            6 points
Iain Colquhoun  has 3 points but he has only fished one match.

Four anglers turned up to fish at Hornsea on the 18th December,  due to the North beach being packed as far as you could see, due to someone saying a codling had been caught during the week.
1st.      Alan Walsh               572cms
2nd.     Martin Bradshaw     551cms
3rd.      Iain Colquhoun        333cms.
Paul whiteley fishing as a guest had the best bag on the day with 596cms, most fish caught were dabs, 64 of them, whiting, rockling and the odd coalfish.
Overall results -
1st, Martin Bradshaw     2 points
2nd, Alan Walsh             3 points
3rd, iain Colquhoun       6 points    665 cms
4th, Tony Brown             6 points    313 cms

2022 Qualifiers - Martin Bradshaw, Alan Walsh & Iain Colquhoun
2019 Qualifiers - Jim Worrall, Dave Moyse & Steve Cash 

1st leg - 
River Tyne Scotswood 22nd May 2021
Name Peg Number of Fish Species Length of Fish (cm) Position Points
Dave Grieve 5 10 8 Flounders, 1 Coalfish, 1 Whiting 261cm 1st 5
Alan O'Neill 4 5 5 Flounders 142cm 2nd 4
Ray Edmonds 1 4 4 Flounders 100cm 3rd 3
Mark Atkinson 7 3 3 Flounders 74cm 4th  2
Dave Mckenzie 6 3 2 Flounders, 1 Whiting 66cm 5th 1
Rob Wilson 8 2 2 Flounders 47cm 6th 0
Phil Darling 3 1 1 Flounder 23cm 7th 0
Paul Whitely (Guest) 2 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A

2nd leg - 

Haven Beach South Shields 18th Sept 2021
Name Number of Fish Species Length of Fish (cm) Position Points
Ray Edmonds 28 20 Coalfish, 8 Codling 561cm 1st 5
James Windebank 18 14 Coalfish, 3 Codling, 1 Mackerel 379cm 2nd 4
Dave Grieve 17 13 Coalfish, 3 Codling, 1 Flounder 358cm 3rd 3
Alan O'Neill 10 9 Coalfish, 1 Flounder 198cm 4th  2
Mark Atkinson 9 9 Coalfish 171cm 5th 1
Paul Whitely 9 8 Coalfish, 1 Codling 168cm 6th 0
Dave McKenzie 5 4 Coalfish, 1 Codling 113cm 7th 0
Rob Wilson 4 3 Codling, 1 Coalfish 75cm 8th  0
Dave Gardner 0 N/A 0 9th 0

3rd leg -

Blyth Beach 24th October
Name Peg Number of Fish Species Length of Fish (cm) Position Points
Dave Grieve 1 33 18 Whiting, 9 Flounder, 4 Coalfish, 2 Codling 929cm 1st 5
Ray Edmonds 5 28 15 Whiting, 5 Coalfish, 4 Flounders, 2 Dabs, 2 Codling 795cm 2nd 4
Alan O'Neill 7 22 10 Flounders, 8 Coalfish, 2 Whiting 545cm 3rd 3
Alan Turner 2 19 9 Coalfish, 7 Flounders, 3 Whiting 497cm 4th  0
James Windebank 4 18 12 Whiting, 4 Flounders, 1 Coalfish, 1 Codling 489cm 5th 2
Paul Whitely (Guest) 6 10 3 Flounders, 3 Coalfish, 2 Whiting, 1 Dab, 1 Codling 281cm 6th 0
Phil Darling 3 10 5 Coalfish, 3 Flounders, 2 Whiting 254cm 7th 1
Rob Wilson 8 4 3 Coalfish, 1 Flounder 101cm 8th 0

Final standings -

Final Standings After 3 Legs
Name Number of Fish Length of Fish (cm) Position Points
Dave Grieve (Qualifies) 60 1548cm 1st 13
Ray Edmonds (Qualifies) 60 800 1456cm 2nd 12
Alan O'Neill (Qualifies) 35 885cm 3rd 9
James Windebank 36 868cm 4th 6
Mark Atkinson 12 245cm 5th 3
Phil Darling 11 277cm 6th 1
Dave McKenzie 8 179cm 7th 1
Alan Turner (Guest) 19 497cm 8th 0
Paul Whitely (Guest) 19 449cm 9th 0
Rob Wilson 10 223cm 10th 0
Dave Gardner 0 0 11th 0

2022 Qualifiers -  Dave Grieve, Ray Edmonds and Alan O'Neill

2019 Qualifiers - no qualifier this year
2019 Qualifiers - Clive Bonnett, Pete Wells & John Downing  

2019 Qualifiers - Ian Robertson, Adrian Thomas & Graham Land