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                                                  2023 CSSC National Pike Angling Championship

The 2023 CSSC National Pike Angling Championship match took place on Thursday 2nd November 2023 at Patshull Park Fishery, Pattingham, Wolverhampton.

On the day, 12 anglers turned up to compete in the “CSSC Individual Pike Angling Championship” and the “CSSC Pike Angling Pairs Championship”, with the match being fished from 9.30am to 4.30pm and expectations were high as the anglers arrived early at the fishery, having found out that the people that fished the venue the day before had caught several fish, including two double figure Pike.

Unfortunately, as usual, the weather was not kind, as storm "Ciaran" hit us with high winds, cold temperatures and almost constant rain.

The conditions made good presentation of the baits very challenging for most anglers, however, some of them managed to overcome the elements and caught several fish.

The results of the 2023 CSSC Individual Pike Angling Championship were:-

1st Iain Rickerby    3 fish for 27lbs  1oz

2nd Robin Bartsch  1 fish for 11lbs 14ozs

3rd Nik Pinder       2 fish for 11lbs  8ozs

The results of the 2023 CSSC Pike Angling Team Pairs Championship were:-

1st Iain Rickerby and Barry Davies   3 fish for 27lbs  1oz

2nd Nik PInder and Steve Kilby       3 fish for 13lbs 13ozs]

3rd Robin Bartsch and Jerry Bolus   1 fish for 11lbs 14ozs

I would like to thank Amy Baddams and Katie Potts from the CSSC Event Organising Team and the CSSC Angling Council for their help and support in organising this competition and supplying the trophy’s.

I would especially like to thank Jim North for taking photographs of the trophy’s being awarded to the winning competitors, Richard the bailiff at the fishery for his help with the pegging and the draw and finally, Chris Neden for his help with checking the results.

Finally I would like to thank all of the anglers that turned up to complete and helped to make this an enjoyable days fishing, despite the horrendous weather at the throughout the day. Hope to see you all again next year.

Dave Gardner – CSSC National Pike Angling Championship Organiser


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